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There are over 6 million registered guns estimated in America. How many of those are believed to be in the Empire State? You might be shocked on how little we have.
I grew up in a different state. I was raised in Michigan and though I'm not sure how they are now, gun laws were very different where I grew up than they are here in New York. They are much more strict here.
No, they weren't given out like candy. I could legally own and carry concealed in Michigan. I consented to a background check and a psychological evaluation. When I moved to New York I had to sell them as I cannot even legally own a handgun in New York yet. It is such a process to get a legally registered hand gun in the Hudson Valley that it almost seems as if the state doesn't want you to get one at times.
The extent to how much freedom a U.S. citizen has to keep and bear arms has been a hot topic of debate for decades now and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down.
So, how many registered guns are in the State of New York?
According to Thought Co, there are roughly 6 million registered firearms estimated in America as of February of 2020. Only around 82,000 of them were registered in New York.
That low number doesn't shock me as only 6 states in America require all guns to be registered. In New York, an owner is only required to register a handgun. These numbers to not account for most rifles or shotguns in our state.

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