Of course the Hudson Valley is one of the most beautiful spots in New York. We really show our colors during the fall foliage, but there's something about New York in the summertime.

I realized recently that I enjoy a good sunset and would drive a certain way home around dusk to catch an amazing view.

Last night, I decided to stop and enjoy the sunset at Stony Kill Farms in Fishkill on 9D. It has the perfect mix of sunset view and landscape and really captures the beauty of the Hudson Valley at dusk.

Since I live in Dutchess County that's usually where I watch the sun go down.

A few of my other favorite locations include, Long Dock Park in Beacon. The trails hug tightly to the Hudson River making for some great shots and a perfect view of the sun setting over Orange County.

Long Dock Park

Since I started driving back in 2006, I always stopped by the Marist Boat house in the summertime. It's usually empty since all the kids are back home and you can enjoy a great view up and down the Hudson.

Marist Boat House

Where is your favorite spot in the Hudson Valley to catch a sunset. I'll be chasing them all summer long.