How often do you spend looking for a parking spot? From my brief experience so far in the Hudson Valley, I would have to say downtown Poughkeepsie seems like the worst place to park. On a Saturday night, parking in Poughkeepsie can be one of the most hectic experiences.

According to a new survey from PR Newswire, the average American wastes up to 17 hours a year just looking for a parking spot. You're probably thinking, "That's not a lot of time." It isn't? I know I would like an extra 17 hours in my life.

Most drivers will avoid will avoid trips to busy cities all together just to avoid traffic and stressful situations. Who does this hurt in the long run? It hurts local businesses.

Where is the worst place to find parking in the Hudson Valley? Do you avoid the place? If so you could be missing out on fun community events, local shops or even your favorite artists performing.

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