Are these things the biggest waste of money?

Like most of the Hudson Valley, we are all struggling with money! Not just not making enough, but also with not be able to actually earn any extra. This pandemic has shown me one thing, stretching a dollar should be something that they teach kids in school.

If you do the finances for your family, you understand the struggle to make ends meet every month. I know that when I sit down and actually look at what I spend some of my money on, I get steaming mad at myself!!😡

If you take away the things you need to survive in life, (housing, food, gas, utilities) what are some of the things you waste your money on?

Jess mentioned that she wastes money every month on different subscription services, ones like, Stich Fix and IPSY. I guess they send her clothes and makeup every month and if she likes them she can buy what they sent her. The services cost her around $20 each month and if I do the math, that's $480 a year!

For me, besides cigarettes, which is absolutely the biggest waste of money, I think the extra few dollars I spend every month on extra storage for my phone is a big waste. A big waste BUT to not get that annoying "out of space" message on my phone, it's worth it...LOL! The other thing I never realized how much money I spend on each month is laundry. I have to pay at my complex to do it, and I spend $20 a week!! That's $80 a month! UGH!

The Hudson Valley spoke loud and proud on this today, we asked, "In a month, what's the one thing you feel you waste your money on? Barbra called us and agreed with me and said cigarettes are her biggest waste each month.

Yuri texted us, "Random stuff from Amazon." The add to cart featured on Amazon has gotten me a bunch of times..LOL. Linda texted us, "bottled water", Rich texted us, "Lottery tickets. Roughly $100 a month", Monica said, "paper towels". Our favorite text of the day came from "Tader" in Highland Mills who texted us, "My girlfriend!"

Text us your biggest waste each month through the Wolf app.

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