We've known it for a while know, but facial hair is in folks.

For the last few years, the men of the red carpet have been fashioning off some serious facial hair styles. Those big beards from the men of Duck Dynasty to the big screen of movies like Aquaman set the stage for the facial hair comeback.

Then of course, there was COVID lockdown where men and women alike grew out their hairstyles. Women dared with dying their hair and giving themselves bangs, while men grew out their facial hair and experimented with mustaches, stubble and weird animal tail-like styles.

Needless to say, facial hair trends have been searched across the globe.

Are you curious about what the most popular facial hair style trend is in New York? You're about to find out.

Zippia.com has done the research. They took a look at Google Trends and found that the full beard was looked into in 26 states, 12 states were researching mustaches and 5 were intrigued by the soul patch.

Here's how they broke down their research efforts:

For example, while Massachusetts wears all the facial hair the rest of the country does, the search interest in chin strap beard is excessively higher than the remaining states- making chin strap beards more popular in Massachusetts than anywhere else.

As someone who went to college in Massachusetts, I can confirm there are a lot of dudes out their rocking chin strap beards. That was 10 years ago, I guess the style hasn't changed.

New York, however, was combing through searches regarding the "Moustache.


Did the man in your life grow out their facial hair during the quarantine lockdown? Have they turned it into a moustache and made their face a fashion statement? Let us know! Lets see those 'staches!


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