In April of 2016, we reported that the beloved Bookworm used bookstore in Poughkeepsie was closings its doors. The store officially closed a few weeks later on June 16, 2016.

For the past few weeks thanks to my kickball league games--go ahead and laugh--being moved to Hopewell Junction, I've driven past the abandoned bookstore and it made me reminisce back to my childhood.

Back in the day I remember going into the store and selling my books back to them and getting a newer used book in return. As a kid it was such a treat to roam up and down the isles and see what seemed to a be, from a 7-year-old's perspective, a never-ending supply of books.

Recently, I drove past the Bookworm and slowed down to take a quick peek. It looks as though the store is still filled with books.

And that started the wheels spinning in my head.

Why haven't those books found homes? I know there are a ton of schools, libraries and organizations in the Hudson Valley that would adopt those books as their own. Do I sound like Bell from Beauty and the Beast yet?

I reached out to the Bookworm via Facebook and got a response from former manager Roger Eddy.  As to why the books are still in the building, he tells us that when the Bookworm was listed the "reality agent he wanted us to leave everything just where it was." What happens to the books now is up to the current owner, who is out of town according to Eddy.

What do you think should happen to the used books at the Bookworm?

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