It's the most wonderful time...for a beer.

Don't act like you didn't sing that to the tune of the Christmas song.

With that being said, summertime is the perfect time of year to sit around a pool or a campfire and enjoy a delicious, refreshing adult beverage.

Personally, during the summer months, I prefer a light beer or seltzer over any kind of wine or IPA. Those heavy beers will get the best of you in the summer heat. did some research when it comes to light beers and what our drinking habits are across the U.S.

If you were wondering, Bud Light is the clear winner across the nation when it comes to light beer with 25 out of the 50 states drinking the blue canned beverage.

In second place is Coors Lite with 11 states, Miller Lite came in 3rd with 7 states, followed by Yuengling Light in 4th with 4 states and Mich Ultra in 5th with 3 states.

They then went ahead and broke it down state by state.

So what light beers are New Yorkers knocking back?

Bud Light is the clear winner yet again.

To make things fair also took a poll and added the option "I would never drink any of these, ever." They added other beer Busch Light, Keystone Light, Natural “Natty” Light. 27% of beer drinkers New Yorkers said that they wouldn't drink those options.

What's your go-to light beer? Where's the best place to drink said light beer, pool? Floating down the Hudson? Playing cornhole?

Let us know where at what you're drinking this summer around the Hudson Valley.


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