The little guy is here and we are "jumping" with excitement!


The Utica Zoo is finally getting its first look at their youngest marsupial in the building. The female kangaroo gave birth to the joey back in March. Since then, the little guy has been growing in his mothers pouch.

Why has it been hiding for so long? That's because the joey was growing!

Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook
Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook

Wallabies are in the kangaroo family and are considered marsupials, meaning pouched mammals. The total time for their pregnancy only lasts about a month, born looking tiny and weighing on average under .04 ounces.

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After birth, the hairless joeys will climb their way into their mothers pouch. There they will develop and grow for roughly 9 months.

Though the joey is poking his head out to say hello, he still isn't completely ready to be out of his mother's pouch quite yet. Give him some more time to grow and soon enough he'll be exploring his way around the zoo.

You can come see the kangaroos for yourself at the Utica Zoo. The park is open daily from 10am to 4:30pm, with special deals scheduled throughout the year.

Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook
Credit - Utica Zoo via Facebook

Stay up to date with everything going on at the Utica Zoo by visiting their website or following them on Facebook.

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