Can a town actually ban any person from buying a home in town based on where they are moving from?


Last week we told you about an alleged moratorium the Town of Wappingers had that would prevent anyone who currently lives in Long Island from buying a home in the Dutchess County town. The rumored moratorium was a topic of conversation on one of the popular Hudson Valley community groups on Facebook and started after a commenter responded to a post talking about "city folk" and how they are to blame for everything that goes wrong in the Hudson Valley.

"Fun fact #212 Village of Wappingers had a moratorium on selling your house to a Long Island buyer up until 1979."

After seeing the comment, I wondered if something like this was actually on the "books" in the Town of Wappinger. Searching everywhere, I couldn't find anything saying if it was true or false, so I wrote an article asking, "Did the Village of Wappingers have a moratorium on selling your house to anyone from Long Island?"

After reading through almost 100 emails and messages (some not very nice....LOL) one email stood out to me. It was from Joseph D. Cavaccini, who is the town historian for the Town of Wappinger, he wrote,

"Good morning CJ,
As a big fan of your show, as are many Wappinger residents, I was interested to hear a statement that was made that the Village of Wappingers Falls had banned Long Islanders from buying a home until 1979. I would like to say that we have no law on the books doing any such thing, and frankly, it's not legal for a municipality to exempt an entire group of people from a private land transaction. (PS it's the Town of Wappinger, no "s", and the Village of Wappingers Falls)

Wappinger Allows Anyone to Buy a House

Joey joined us on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show earlier this week and told us that when we talked about the alleged moratorium on the radio show, "My phone BLEW up with residents wondering if it was true!" Joey told us that he confirmed with the Wappinger Town Clerk that no such ban has ever been on the books and never will be. As we cleared up the rumor and I promised to stop getting my information from any Facebook groups, we also learned that Joey started his public service career back in 2012 when he was 12 years old.

12-Year-Old Town Historian!

Joey told us that he was appointed to his position within the Office of Town Historian for the Town of Wappinger in 2012 and when it happened he became the youngest person to be appointed to a post within a municipal historian's office in New York State. That was just the start! Joey also represents the 15th District of Wappinger in the Dutchess County Legislature and that makes him the youngest official to serve in a public capacity in New York!

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