One of the cool things about the Hudson Valley is that it’s rich in history. And that includes a lot of the architecture. Just about every Hudson Valley town has at least a few old houses, and many towns have streets and streets of old houses. Not everybody appreciates an old house, but there are plenty of us that do. My own Poughkeepsie house was built in 1865. It’s neither big nor fancy, but I love that it’s full of history.

One Hudson Valley town that has an exceptional amount of beautiful old houses is the Orange County town (or village) of Gohen. The first time I rode through Goshen when I was just a kid I remember looking at all of the big beautiful mansions. That may even be where my love of old houses began. Which may be why when they built that very modern and not very pretty County Office Building a lot of people were upset. But that’s a story for another day.

Let’s get back to the beautiful old houses. Right now there is a quite beautiful and quite colorful Victorian mansion for sale in Goshen for just over a million dollars. It doesn’t look very colorful from the outside, but the inside is full of “Victorian” colors. Lots and lots of them. If color is your thing, this might just be perfect for you. If not, you may have to invest in paint and carpeting. Either way, we’ve got pictures.

Very “Colorful” Victorian Mansion for Sale in Goshen, NY

This Mansion for Sale in Goshen Isn't Lacking in Color

Well, what do you think? Too much color for you? The house has great bones and could certainly be toned down a bit with a few coats of paint. If you can afford the house, chances are that you can afford to paint it, too. It’s a beautiful home, way out of my financial reach, but perfect for someone who loves old homes and has a little extra spending cash.

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