A few weeks back I mentioned this when discussing how I may have gone over board collecting re-usable shopping bags in order to be prepared for the day that single use plastic bags will be no longer available in Ulster County. That day is now officially two weeks away. Are you ready?

As of July 15th in Ulster county you will no longer be able to get a single use plastic bag at a store. Those bags you have been storing in a cabinet for re-use will be a thing of the past. You choices are bring your own or recieve a paper bag that will now cost you 5 cents.

Reaction to this new policy is mixed but I am finding that most like my self have had time to adjust. The hardest part is remembering to bring the bags into the store with you. I still find myself getting to the door of the grocery and turning around because I left the bags in the car. Maybe by the 15th I will remember.

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