Living in the Hudson Valley allows us to have a wide variety of different food options. I enjoy being able to purchase homemade items from local businesses throughout the Hudson Valley.

Locally made food such as bakery goods and authentic meals to handmade candles, art pieces and more are things that are always within our reach.

As we support local businesses, we also receive back items that are made with love and usually, local ingredients and products.

We all have our go-to spots that we like to support and shop within the Hudson Valley. Each business brings something different to the area and provides us with a unique experience.

An Ulster County, NY Bakery Is Known To Be The 'Best Retail Bakery In America'

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

In Ulster County, I was driving past one of the most popular bakeries in the Hudson Valley. This bakery has served my family since it opened and the tradition carries on.

I noticed a sign out front of this business claiming "Best Retail Bakery in America" and did research.

This fan-favorite bakery has its products throughout the Hudson Valley. I was recently at an event where they were selling homemade chocolate chip cookies that I purchased, I found out that they were made at this Ulster County bakery.

While Ulster County, NY is the home to historical sites and businesses, this location has been standing and providing for the community since 1965.

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Kingston, NY Is The Home To The 'Best Retail Bakery In America' Have You Been?


Deising's Bakery is located in Kingston, NY. They are also known for their restaurant and catering company as well.

This Hudson Valley staple has been serving the community since 1965 and continues to keep the tradition going. Those who visit enjoy their fresh food and wide variety of different options to choose from.

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Their diverse options such as American, Italian, German and Mexican flavors allows guests to never get bored of what they provide. Deising's Bakery is known for having their food at events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and more.

According to Deising's Bakery,

Deising's Bakery came together when Ingrid and Uwe moved from Germany to the US. Their love for one another and for their passion for baking created something far more than they imagined. Those who loved Deising's Bakery are glad that this happened and continues in Ulster County.

How Did Deising's Bakery Get The Title Of 'Best Retail Bakery In America'?

Deising's Bakery states that they are a, 

"an award-winning bakery, restaurant, and catering company, has proudly served the Ulster County, Northern Dutchess, and Hudson Valley regions since 1965."

Ulster County Tourism provided information about Deising's Bakery.

"European-style, full line bakery and cafe. Winner of the “Best Bakery in America” award, “Best Breakfast” and “Best Cookies” from Modern Baking Magazine."

It's not a surprise to Deising's lovers that they won multiple times since guests continue to go back for more and carry on generations, supporting this fan-favorite business.

Where is your favorite bakery in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.

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