I am by no means an expert hiker, but I do enjoy checking out trails that are new to me around the Hudson Valley.

This weekend I went with a few friends to hike at Fort Montgomery. I didn't know what to expect, just that it was probably going to be a little difficult (it was, there were ropes involved) and it would have amazing views.

What I also didn't know was that I would be visiting the Popolopen Torne trail/Trail of the Fallen memorial.

The peak of this Orange County hike is a large military memorial made up of painted rocks, flags, headstones and benches. It's chill-inducing, making that final stride up the mountain and coming to flags and stones that tell so many stories of the lives lost at war.

If you've hiked the trail before, these photos won't come as a surprise to you. If you haven't seen it before, take it in. These pictures don't do it justice.

Have You Seen the Military Memorial on this Hudson Valley Hiking Trail?

At the top of the Popolopen Torne trail, in Orange County, you'll be greeted with a breathtaking military memorial.

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