Social media was buzzing regarding rumors about Trader Joe's finally opening up a store in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We researched to find out if this rumor is true.

Last summer, Hudson Valley Post reported on the opening of a Trader Joe's in northern Westchester County.

Trader Joe's Opens Closest Location to Mid-Hudson Valley in Yorktown, New York

Trader Joe's Open New Store In Miami Area
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Trader Joe's opened up a new store in Yorktown, New York on Thursday, July 21.

Inside the new store are murals of orchards and the local farming community.

When company officials announced the opening, they declared that nearly 100 percent of employees will be Hudson Valley residents.

It's the first Trader Joe's in Northern Westchester County. The new store is found just off the Taconic State Parkway near FDR State Park.


Is Trader Joe's Opening Up A Store In Dutchess County?

On Monday, Hudson Valley Post was alerted about an article trending locally on social media stating "Could Trader Joe's Be Coming To Arlington?"

The article excited many Hudson Valley residents who were hoping Trader Joe's was planning to open in the Arlington section of Dutchess County.


Others stated they were worried Trader Joe's would hurt a popular Hudson Valley business, Adams Fairacre Farms.

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Adams Fairacre Farms has locations in Newburgh, Kingston, Poughkeepsie and Wappinger Falls.

Source: Jonah
Source: Jonah

Fact Check: Is Trader Joe's Coming To Dutchess County?

Well, fans of Adams Fairacre Farms don't have to worry. Because Hudson Valley Post has some bad news if you were excited about Trader Joe's in Dutchess County.

People sharing the article in the local area didn't realize the article is talking about a Trade Joe's that may come to Arlington, Virginia.

If you viewed the article on your phone, there was really no mention that the publication is based out of Arlington. There was also no mention in the article about Virginia.

However, there wasn't any mention in the article about Dutchess County, the Hudson Valley or New York State.

If you viewed the article on your computer, you'd see the publication is based out of Virginia.

"Your Local News for Arlington County, Virginia," the publication states at the top of the article, if viewed on a computer.

Also, if you were to Google the address for the potential store, you'd quickly see it's located in Arlington, Virginia.


Or if you Googled Arlington and Trader Joe's you'd find other Virginia media outlets discussing the potential store coming to Arlington, Virginia.

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So, unfortunately, for now, residents in the Mid-Hudson Valley will have to travel a bit further to shop at Trader Joe's.

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