Are you one-half of a couple? If so I want you to give careful thought to the next question I am going to ask. Married or not this question applies to all of us and until recently I haven't given it much thought but I have now.

So you consider yourself a couple here comes the question, What is your couple thing? Now before you go off handing out too much information let me clarify the question. What is it you do as a couple for fun and enjoyment that is your go-to- thing.

What do Couples Do for Fun in The Hudson Valley?

I use to think that my husband and I didn't have a "couple thing". It seemed like all my friends and their partners had something they enjoyed doing together just them. Some traveled, and some did DIY projects around their homes. I actually got stuck in thought for a moment when I tried to think of what it was we did.

After some consideration, I realized that my husband and I golf. That is our couple thing. While our friends are of visiting Europe or Kayaking, My Husband and I keep it local. WE have a few courses we play and one of these days we will check off a few courses that are on the bucket list. Of course, once we get the RV we will be driving everywhere and that will become our thing with golf.

So what is your couple thing? if you are still working that out I found some unique ideas you might want to consider. Why not try one of these activities and see if it doesn't turn into your "couple thing".

Unique Things to Learn to do in the Hudson Valley

Unique Things to Learn in the Hudson Valley

Do you have that thing you do as a couple? Maybe you hike or bike. Maybe you tour restaurants and wineries. If you don't have one particular thing you do in your free time as a couple we thought we would entice you with some unique experiences that you can only find in the Hudson Valley.


And here are some fun places to have a drink together.

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