Are you just needing an excuse to get outside? How about grabbing your pup and head out to a local dog park? They sound great, don't they? A place where you can take your dog (in a fenced area) and they can be off-leash.

Now there are a few basic rules for dog parents to follow:

  • Be realistic, some dogs are not cut out for the dog park.
  • Most parks will require proof of rabies vaccination or that your dog wears their rabies tags.
  • Check the hours of the park, before you head out. While most are dawn-to-dusk, there are a few that are open 24-hours.
  • Clean up after your pet. Basic, yes, but you know that there are people that still just don't do it.
  • Bring water for your dog. There may or may not be drinkable water at the park, this will keep you covered and your pet hydrated.
  • Each park will have different rules, ie, some will allow kids under the age of 12, some will not.
  • Remember that most of these places operate on very slim budgets and with the help of volunteers. If you can make a small donation, please do so.

If there is a dog park that you think we should include, please let us know. We will continue to add to this list as we get your recommendations.

Essential Dog Parks in the Hudson Valley

Here is the only list of dog parks you need.

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