The Hudson Valley is officially on "Baby Bird Watch."

The New York State Bridge Authority announced on their Facebook page that the Mid-Hudson Bridge is, once again, home to a peregrine falcon nest.

The nest is usually there around this time of year, but this year there's an added bonus. There are three eggs in the nest!

The New York State Bridge Authority has set up a camera on the Mid-Hudson Bridge so you can keep watch on our little peregrine falcon Hudson Valley family. The video refreshes every 10 seconds, so if you're watching at just the right moment you can catch the eggs hatching.

There's no exact due date, so you'll have to wing it when it comes to Baby Bird Watch 2021.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website, peregrine falcons are common across the state.  When you hear how the DEC describes the peregrine falcon's ideal spot, the Mid-Hudson Bridge makes a lot of sense:

The falcon prefers open country from tundra, savannah and sea coasts, to high mountains, as well as open forests and tall buildings. Nests are built on high ledges, 50 to 200 feet off the ground. The nest itself is a well-rounded scrape and is occasionally lined with grass.

After the baby falcons are born, there's a good chance they'll be staying in the area. The DEC explains further:

Young falcons may stay in the area for about six weeks after they fledge, developing their flying and hunting skills.

Here's to a healthy new falcon family in the Hudson Valley. You can get in on Baby Bird Watch live on the Bridge Authorities website.


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