If you're a movie buff and getting ready to head out of the Hudson Valley for a quick trip this weekend, you may see a familiar car sharing the road with you.

Lake George is a super popular getaway for those of us here in the Hudson Valley. It's not too close, not too far and when you get there you definitely feel like you're on vacation.

If your family is anything like mine, the car is filled to the brim before you head out upstate to Lake George. You can admit it. You're car probably looks like it was packed by Clark Griswold.

You may actually catch a glimpse of the family truckster this weekend in Lake George.

News 10 is reporting that Tom Dittus and his wife Chrissy of Lake George have a collection of station wagons that would send Clark Griswold into a tailspin.

The Dittus family bought their first station wagon because of the excellent storage space. But then according to News 10, people started comparing the Dittus Family truckster to the one in the National Lampoon's Vacation films.

After that, they went all in.

As you can see they have a whole fleet of Griswald-like station wagons. If you're out in the Lake George area this weekend for Memorial Day, you can check out the family trucksters as they will be on display this Sunday, May 30th at the Greenville Drive-In.

The Greenville Drive-In will be showing AIRPLANE! and, of course, National Lampoons Vacation.


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