Did you know the abbreviation "ok" skyrocketed in popularity in the 17the century and it may have originated in an Upstate New York?

I have to commend anyone who learns English as a second language. Abbreviations have made their way into common usage and it can be confusing. 'OK' might be one of the most popular abbreviations in the English language.

When everything is all good we often quickly respond with okay. Where did this come from? According to AP News, the word actually has a few different origin stories. Some language experts believe it is from the Greek word ola kala which means 'it is good'.

It is Presidents' Day and to celebrate here is some Hudson Valley trivia for you.

We may be celebrating George Washington's birthday but the origin of 'ok' may have come from the 8th President of The United States, Martin Van Buren.

AP News reports that he may have made the abbreviation 'ok' popular completely by mistake. During his presidential campaign he supporter gave him a nickname. The nickname comes from a Hudson Valley town. Van Buren grew up in Kinderhoook, New York. Mart Van Buren was nicknamed 'Old Kinderhook' based on his birthplace. His supporters reportedly started the OK Club.

If Van Buren's supporters didn't create the abbreviation then they definitely popularized it in the 1830s. Kinderhook, New York is in Columbia County between The Hudson Valley and Capital Region.

We might never know the real origin of the abbreviation.

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