One Hudson Valley brewery is throwing it back with a new unique flavor that will bring back some great, and delicious memories, for all the 90s kids.

Why are millennials so nostalgic? I ask that as a millennial, born in 1989, wishing I could go back to Discovery Zone at the South Hills Mall in my Spice Girls t-shirt just one more time.

Personally, I think it was the snacks and the music that really made the 90s so great and we just keep trying to find that holy grail of deliciousness again, but can never quite get there. One could argue that the most popular drink, that's still around (but lets be honest, it tastes different!) is Capri Sun.

You remember, those silver pouches that were impossible to get that tiny yellow straw through?

Tin Barn Brewing Channels Their Inner 90s Kid With New Flavor

The Tin Barn Brewing team has concocted a Capri Sun Pacific Cooler beer! The sour ale is bright blue, just like your favorite Capri Sun box. On Instagram Tin Barn broke down how they made their Pacific Cooler beer writing:

This sour ale was conditioned on ridiculous amounts of white Niagara grape, apple, pineapple and tart cherry to recreate that mysterious flavor known as ‘Pacific Cooler.’ And let’s get real… we know what the cool kids had hidden in their lunch box…

Thankfully, the beer is not served in the frustrating pouch and annoying straw, but in a can with an awesome design that will fill your 90s nostalgia need:

Tin Barn Brewing adds that they have yet to figure out how many Pacific Cooler beers it takes to turn your tongue blue, but I'm sure there are beer drinkers who are willing to find out. Visit Tin Barn Brewing and try for yourself at 62 Kings Highway Bypass in Sugar Loaf.

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