Are you ready to play detective around the Hudson Valley and figure out the case of...The Poughkeepsie Ripper?

The company CluedUpp Games announced their next "outdoor detective adventure" is coming to Poughkeepsie on April 24th, 2021. It looks like The Poughkeepsie Ripper is on the move again:

The words "The Ripper" strike fear into the heart of every detective. Now it seems that a new Ripper is on the loose and three men have already been murdered. Can your team of detectives scramble across town, solve the clues and crack the case before The Ripper strikes again?

CluedUpp allows up to 6 people on a team, to get together to try and solve the case while finding virtual clues all around Poughkeepsie. Tickets are on sale now at $52 a ticket (that's 1 ticket for 6 people, easy to split!).

You and your team of 6 will virtually interrogate witnesses and suspects around town while cracking clues and puzzles and trying to complete challenges.

The mystery will start in a super-secret location in Poughkeepsie that you'll be introduced to at some point before the day of the game, which will also start any time between 9 am and 2 pm.

So mysterious!

Teams are encouraged to dress the part and come up with fun team names and could win prizes for the following categories:

  • Fastest team 
  • Best fancy dress (detective inspired) 
  • Best team picture 
  • Best team name 
  • Best young detective (under 16's prize) 
  • Best K-9 (dogs prize)

You can sign up and purchase your tickets today through the ClubUpp website.

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