Does 15% really fit with the current state of the economy in the Hudson Valley or even the rest of the state? is 20% even enough these days?

It's been a rough year for many of us. You're probably tired of hearing that but it's important to be aware who has struggled and who continues to struggle in a pandemic world around the Hudson Valley.

Most of us have been doing what we can to help local businesses survive financial  hardships since March. After being shut down for weeks, many businesses had to resort to either curbside pickup or online business transactions only. Thankfully, many restaurants were able to stay open at a limited capacity. Recently, the state has released mandates that include restaurants that serve alcohol to shut their doors to the public by 10PM.

This could drastically cut the hours and income of bartenders, bussers and severs. If times weren't already hard enough are things about to get more difficult these Hudson Valley workers?

As far as essential businesses go, have servers and waitstaff workers gotten the short end of the stick this past 8 months?

Have they been deemed essential or do they just work at an essential business? It seems like a very gray area. Why are they viewed as more dispensable than other essential workers? Maybe that's just my perception.

When you do go out and eat or drink at local restaurants how much gratuity do you leave? Have you found yourself leaving more these days? Should we be giving more?


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