Yes, Flu season is here, and it could get really bad.

Take it from me, if you happen to get the flu this year prepare yourself for a few days of absolute misery. It took me out for almost three days and honestly I'm still not feeling 100%.

The first question everyone asks me is, did you get your flu shot? No, I didn't and from what the experts are saying the flu shot might not help this year.

The New York State Department of Health says there is a severe strand of Flu this year, and if you got the flu shot, it might only be 10% effective. I did a little looking around and came up with a few ways the Department of Health says you can stay healthy during the flu season.

Anyone over 6 months old should get the shot, and if you are over 65, or work with small children and the elderly, you need to get the shot. You should get it ASAP as it takes up to 2 weeks to go through your system.

Wash your hands as much as possible with soap and water.

If you do get sick, you should stay home and rest.

Lastly, we should eat right, healthy and try to take in extra Vitamin C.

I hope that everyone makes it through this flu season without actually getting it!

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