A scary incident unfolded Saturday afternoon on the New York State Thruway, as Syracuse.com reports that a driver of a tractor-trailer attacked a woman with a crowbar at a service area. It all started because the truck driver was seen on his cell phone.

NY State police say the woman was a passenger in a truck that was nearly side-swiped by the other truck driver mid Saturday afternoon. The woman's father was driving the truck she was in, and when they caught up with other driver who almost hit them, she could see that he was on his cell phone. That's when the woman took the other driver's pic with her own cell phone.

This angered the other truck driver so bad that he allegedly followed them 60 miles to the Indian Castle service area. When the father and daughter pulled up to the service stop, the 59 year-old man, who is accused of the attack, pulled his own truck in front of them, blocking their escape. State police said: 

The woman was outside of her truck and began recording Severin’s actions, when he used a crowbar to swing at her, causing her to drop her phone and retreat to her truck.

Troopers say the crazed, crowbar-swinging man destroyed her cell phone. Syracuse.com says that another person at the stop yelled at him to stop. The alleged attacker then fled in his truck back on to the Thruway, only to be stopped 40 miles later.

The man was taken into custody to the police barracks in Schuyler, NY. He's been charged , with second-degree menacing and fourth-degree criminal mischief.

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