As we celebrate National Pizza Day on Sunday, February 9, the thought of pizza actually being dangerous is probably the furthest thing from our minds. Well, eating too much of it will make you overweight, which could potentially lead to other health issues down the line, but that's a different discussion.

But what we're talking about is that according to the data, pizza is sending more and more Americans to the hospital every year. Perhaps we've gone pizza crazy.

The medical service provider Babylon Health says that a record number of Americans went to the ER in 2018 due to injuries involving pizza. Some of the examples the NY Post used ranged from people poking the top of their mouths with forks as they ate their pizza, to others falling down in the kitchen while holding pizza cutters.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission claims that over 2,300 Americans were sent to the ER in 2017 alone. And the above data says those numbers are rising? Wow. Other obvious pizza hazards include burns, cuts, falling while carrying pizza, and even falling out of bed while reaching for a slice. That last one is the best, but it's actually happened according to the doctors' notes.

Have we become so head over heels for pizza that we're becoming so careless? The eating pizza in bed thing is still awesome though.

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