Now that the colder temperature are setting in we can start thinking about soup weather. Yes, I said soup weather. That would be one of those day when it is a bit damp out and there is a chill in the air. It puts you in the mood for soup.

But what if you aren't the kind of person that plans ahead. What if you don't have a great soup recipe passed down from your Grandma. What if you are the person who is face with getting your soup by opening a can.

Many local grocery stores now offer hot soup in their Market or deli sections. Some even carry good brand like Panera but what if you aren't thrilled with idea of all that sodium. You are in luck because I am going to share my Chicken Soup hack which I am so confident you will like. I will go as far as to say that you will even want to serve this recipe to your friends.

I am going to walk you through making a big pot of soup with out all the work. All you need is a can of Progresso low sodium soup, a box of low sodium chicken stock some leftover pasta or rice and some left over sausage or even chicken.

1 - Open the can of soup pour it in a large pot and add a can of water. Yes, I know it says it doesn't need water but this recipe does.

2 - Now add a can of the low sodium chicken stock

3 - Turn on the stove and let the soup start to warm as you add some other goodies you probably have leftover in the frig.

Sausage on a fork
Brian Jackson

4 - Add a protein. You have the chicken in the soup from the can but we all know that's not enough. Add more chicken, I like grilled it has more flavor. And speaking of flavor if you like spicy chicken sausage add that instead. I usually save a piece as a leftover knowing i will throw it in to my soup.

5 - Add a veggie. Again leftover cooked broccoli even brussels sprouts both perfect for this faux homemade soup recipe.


6 - and the finally add is either left over rice or pasta. If I am using a soup that already has rice in it I pick rice.

The final step is to let it come up to a nice boil. All the flavors marry together and it turns out as go as if you had it cooking all day in a crockpot.

Pick One That Goes With Your Soup

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