It's prom season for everyone in the Hudson Valley, even the dogs!

Your Facebook timelines and Instagram feeds have probably been flooded with photos of high school juniors and seniors getting dressed to the nines and ready to dance the night away at local Hudson Valley proms.

It's not only local humans celebrating, but the pups are getting in on the fun at one Dutchess County doggy daycare facility.

Hudson Valley Pups Celebrate Prom Season 2023

Pawfect Pupps Pet Care Service, run by Jessica DeRosa and Peter Sinapi, has been boarding and caring for local dogs since January 2019. For the last 3 years or so, they have also been hosting prom for the dogs that stay with them during the week.

This year the theme was Under the Sea, and boy did these pups make a splash! Pawfect Pupps shared a bunch of adorable photos online and they might be the cutest thing we've ever seen.

Are you kidding me!? How cute!

Jessica tells us:

We started prom for the Pawfect pack in 2020! We started with the roaring 20’s when we first spoke with you guys on the air! We gave our parents the option this year to vote on which theme they wanted to see it was between Rock N Roll and under the sea! Obviously under the sea took the win!

As Jessica mentioned, we spoke to Pawfect Pupps Pets Care Service back in 2020 when they shared their adorable Pup-posals. You know how teens ask each other to prom in cute ways? AKA a Promposal? Just like that except cuter because, well, they're pups! Check it out below:


Prom is for the dogs. Literally! Pawfect Pupps Pet Care Service is hosting its very own Puppy Prom this week. Check out how these pups asked their crushes to the big dance!

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