This mail carrier wasn't exactly thinking outside the box when looking for a place to take a break.

What time does your mail get dropped off at your house? Not too long ago a post on Reddit when viral after a person wrote that they just moved to Poughkeepsie and thought it was odd that their mail was delivered after 8:00 PM.

Some initially thought the post was made up but as it turns out several people agreed that it was a normal occurrence. Not just in Poughkeepsie but all throughout the entire Hudson Valley.

According to Post Can Mail, the mail is delivered between 9am and 5pm so this doesn't make any sense. Many believe the late delivery times are caused by a postal worker shortage. If there is a postal worker shortage are these mail carriers overworked? There's a good chance of that and I might have witnessed it in Poughkeepsie a few weeks ago.

While I was in Poughkeepsie the other week I noticed something bizarre that I don't think anyone has ever seen before. I'm not sure if anyone has ever even heard of this before. A mail carrier was resting inside the mail box downtown.


This is odd behavior buy you have to admit that it beats sitting on the ground. I have so many other questions. Does he take mail out or does he sit on the envelopes? Am I the only one who is shocked by how deep these things are? Are these mail boxes comfortable to sit inside?

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