Have you ever had an 'ah-ha' moment before? This happened to me the other day.

I love green tea and enjoy trying different brands especially ones that have a hint of other flavors as well. I came across Harney & Sons and absolutely loved their variety of flavors and the taste.

Some green teas can be bitter but theirs was delicious. I then came across how they have their own tea house in the Hudson Valley and could not believe it.

I instantly did my research and found out that you can do their tour and tasting right in Millerton. At this very moment, I am looking to take a trip there to explore the grounds, try more of their soothing tea and bring home a bunch of different styles to try.

They have a super cool test that you can take to see which one of their teas will make you smile. You can take it here.

I took the quiz and got their citron green tea and Paris tea.

If you are wondering how they got their name, that is a perfect question. Well, John Harney is the president and founder of Harney & Sons. The passion lives on through the family with Mike who is the vice president and son of John. Paul is also the son of Johns and is Mike’s brother. He brought the idea of organic tea, ready to go and sachet teas into effect.

Elyse is known as the matriarch of the Harney family. She and John built this company while raising their family. Brigitte is Mike’s wife who was born and raised in France. She is known for greeting customers with her smile at the Millerton shop. Emeric is the marketing director who also opened and supervises their store in SoHo. Lastly, Alex is the founder and manager of the Harney & Sons location in Millerton.

Now that you know all about their crew, you can visit their two locations. I’m excited to try their drinks from the Hemp division made with their CBD teas.

Here are other tea shops to visit in the Hudson Valley.

Immune Schein Tea Haus, Saugerties

Charlotte Tea Room, Warwick

The Ridge Tea & Spice Shop, New Patlz

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