If you’re not familiar with Mid Hudson Animal Aid in Beacon, let me fill you in. MHAA runs the largest no-kill, free-range cat sanctuary in the Hudson Valley. They rescue cats, give them complete veterinary care, and provide a comfortable environment for them to live until they are adopted. Even if it takes years. Mid Hudson Animal Aid has been helping cats and kittens for decades, and now they need our help.

Mid Hudson Animal Aid needs a new roof. Their  roof is leaking and they can no longer do patch repairs. Interior drips are caught with buckets, and the staff has to work around these leaks. They need to replace decking and shingles as soon as possible, but that takes a lot of money, and that’s something they just don’t have right now. And here’s where the community comes in. A gofundme has been started for MHAA, and they’re hoping you will consider a contribution to help keep the kitties warm and dry. Speaking of the cats and kittens at MHAA, check out these adorable photos of the past and present residents at the shelter.

Meet the Past and Present Residents of Mid Hudson Animal Aid in Beacon

Here are some of the cuties who live or have lived at Mid Hudson Animal Aid

For more information about Mid Hudson Animal Aid in Beacon, or to make a donation and find out about volunteering, visit the MHAA website.

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