A new poll exposes 5 cities in New York as among the dirtiest - and 3 of them are Upstate NY cities.  And please, don't shoot the messenger - I'm not saying these are the dirtiest!

Most cities in America would love to be featured in an article or survey highlighting its historical attractions, breathable air, high-paying jobs, affordable living, or for having spectacular food.

But when it comes to rankings, it's not always glitz and glamour and sometimes the truth hurts.

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A total of 152 cities in America made a recent poll by LawnStarter.com as the "Dirtiest Cities in America" and a total of five of those cities were from New York, and three of them are located here in Upstate NY.

What are the criteria for ranking the dirtiest cities in America?

The website says they ranked over 150 of the biggest U.S. cities across four categories which include; pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction.

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Naturally, some cities outperform others in certain statistical categories, but the ranking is based on an aggregate score based on those 4 things.

Here are the 5 cities in New York that LawnStarter.com ranks as some of the dirtiest in the USA.

5 New York Cities Ranked Dirtiest in America

17 Places Impossible to Pronounce Unless You Live in Upstate NY

Here is a list of what many would consider 17 of the most mispronounced places in the Capital Region.

Run Down But Not Forgotten-Abandoned Frontier Town in the Adirondacks

One of my favorite memories is going to Frontier Town in the Adirondacks. We always loved it when we would hop on the train and robbers would come alongside on horseback and try to take over. The rodeo was also a lot of fun. We made some great memories at Frontier Town. It has sat abandoned since 1998 but some of the attractions, yet overgrown, are still standing. Thanks to Antiquity Echoes' amazing video you can see what once was Frontier Town.

3 New York Cities Ranked Among 50 Worst To Live In US

Whether you agree or disagree, Roadsnacks has put together their list of the 50 Worst US Cities to live in based on crime rates, poor quality of life, weak job market, and their overall lack of culture. We 100% disagree with these rankings as all three of these cities are full of life and have so much to offer. Not to mention - how many times have we actually made these cities a destination for a getaway of some sort?

So feel free to pick apart this list and sneer as you read it! You will find each of the NY cities included on this list below, with their rank among the 50 worst in the United States.


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