Poker Face, the new mystery/comedy series starring Natasha Lyonne, is not only one of the biggest new TV shows on the Peacock streaming network, but it's one of the most Hudson Valley-loving productions ever to yell "action!".

Rumors about a new television show starting swirling in 2022 when cameras started to be spotted in Beacon, NY. Details were scarce, but Poker Face crews were seen in numerous locations, from alleys to bars and everywhere in between. Now that the show has been released, the true magnitude of their footprint along the Hudson River is clearer. Did you catch all the Hudson Valley locations in the season so far?

The Accord Service Center in Accord, NY was featured in episode 3 of Poker Face (Google)
The Accord Service Center in Accord, NY was featured in episode 3 of Poker Face (Google)

Poker Face in Accord, NY

The first Hudson Valley scene that I spotted was set at my hometown mechanic in Accord, NY in Ulster County (above). Even though the episode was set in Texas (and they added gas pumps for the show), you can still spot the original "Accord Service Center" signage on the now-famous building (below). And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Peacock via YouTube
Peacock via YouTube

The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY

Nearly every live music fan in the Hudson Valley has been to at least one show at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY. The historic venue has seen some of the biggest names in the industry perform on their stage, and now they can add another group to the list: the fictional Doxxxology (below). The episode featured Chloë Sevigny and Benjamin Bratt.

Poker Face in the Hudson Valley, NY

How many Hudson Valley locations have you spotted on the show? Episode 7, Future of the Sport featured both the Orange County Fair Speedway and a house built by Paul Sr. of Orange County Choppers fame. Episode 6, Exit Stage Death had exterior shots of Beacon, NY's Story Screen Theater. Episode 5, Time of the Monkey used Woodland Pond in New Paltz, NY and the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook, NY. And that's not all.

Many Hudson Valley restaurants, alleys, and even fields can be spotted throughout the show. Keep scrolling to see the behind the scenes action when the production came to The Castle Fun Center in Chester, NY.

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