Plant based protein has arrived at Hudson Valley stores but is it really worth the hype? It's not meat but is it really healthier? You might be surprised.

A year ago, not many people were familiar with plant based protein like Beyond Meat. Now most people not only know about plant based protein but odds are they've incorporated it in their diet or have tried it at least once.

Most major fast food chains offer it on their menu as well. Dunkin' has a plant based breakfast sandwich and Burger King even added the Impossible Whopper.

Plant based meat is an alternative to real meat but is it actually good for you? If you want to eat plant based protein because you think that it's diet food you may want to rethink your strategy.

According to Food Network, plant based meats are about equal in calories saturated fats and protein as beef but there are more carbs and sodium. The average cost per lb of plant based meat is $7.99.

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