The town or city you live in may have a Pit Bull ban and you might not even know it.

New York is filled with animal lovers, especially dog lovers. According to World Population Review, almost 50% of New York State residents have a pet and 27% have a dog in their home. Retrievers and shepherds often top the list of most popular dog breeds but the American Pitbull and pit mixes aren't that far down the list.

The Pit Bull may be one of the most common dog breeds in the world but they may not be the most popular among people who don't personally have one. We hear horror stories about them.

Are these breeds really that dangerous? Despite the reputation, the Pitbull breed received an 85% on the American Temperament Test's evaluation which doesn't put them that far behind Pugs and Labrador Retrievers.

Are these dogs and their owners discriminated against? Are the actions of a few making laws for the entire Pit population? Many Pit owners claim to have never seen an act of aggression from their beloved pet and sadly many of these dogs are euthanized each year in shelters.

You cannot own them in certain buildings in New York City. Did you know that there are even bans and ordinances against Pit bulls even here in the Hudson Valley? Here are a list of towns that have banned the breed or ruled them dangerous.

6 Hudson Valley Towns or Cities With Pitbull Bans or Ordinances

These 6 cities or towns have special rules or classifications regarding Pit bulls according to the website,

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