I visited Rail Explorers a few years back and it was an experience that I never knew I needed.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the cutest black lab (which totally made my experience all that better). Soon enough, we were boarded onto our ride and were pedaling on the railroad tracks with other enthusiasts as well.

It was amazing to see parts of the Hudson Valley that I didn’t even know existed. Sometimes when you’re driving you miss so much. I was able to see the small things in life that have so much beauty. The passing of furry friends, the beauty in historic trees and the views of water and streams.

When the ride was over, I learned that they also have golden hour rides for passengers. Just imagine riding through the Hudson Valley wilderness with a friend, other half or family member. 

We all know how beautiful it is to watch the sunset in the Hudson Valley, I could only imagine how magical this experience would be. 

This would take place on the Ulster & Delaware Railroad as you travel through the enchanting woods and alongside the Esopus Creek. I suggest bringing a snack and something to drink as you can enjoy this during the turnaround. 

Overall, this biking experience is 8 miles round trip with electric pedal assistance. I promise that it sure doesn’t feel like that by any means. 

They ask if you could arrive 30 minutes prior to when your tour starts. It will most likely be about 2.5 hours for the overall adventure. For the golden ride, it will most likely depart at 6:30pm.

Find out more about the Catskills Division here. 

Have you ever been to Rail Explorers? Does this seem like something you would enjoy? Share with us. 

Here are other fun things to do in Phoenicia after or before your Rail Explorers trip.

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