Onions have so many beneficial factors. They contain antioxidants, help lower cholesterol levels and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Not only are they great for us, but they taste good too. From yellow to sweet, red and white, each one has its own taste and can be added to recipes to bring a lot of flavor.

I personally always order sauteed onions on my sandwiches and wraps, they have a delicious flavor to them. As for chips, sour cream and onion are the best. I guess you could call me an onion lover, that's for sure.

There was a recall on a popular brand of onions.


This recall was shared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, A&M Farms was the first to issue this recall on Vidalia onions. Onions in these certain states were recalled due to possible contamination. There's a chance that listeria is on these now possibly contaminated onions.

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The Little Bear brand of Vidalia sweet onions was on the list of onions being recalled. They were packed on June 20-June 23 of 2022. Possible stores that these contaminated onions may have reached include Sam's Club, Wegmans and Publix.

How do you know if the onions you bought were contaminated?


Check the number on the onions you purchase. The ones that were possibly contaminated have 4159 with The Little Bear brand on the sticker.

Where were these onions sold?


The possibly contaminated onions were sold in stores in 5 different states. From Florida to Massachusetts, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New York.

However, some of the onions that were contaminated never fully made it to the stores. 

What do you do if you have a contaminated onion?

The FDA recommends those who have the contaminated onions, to either return them for a refund or even throw them out.

Have you ever had an item that was recalled? What was it and what did you do with the item? Share with us below.

Did you know that New York has a black dirt capitol? It smells like onions!

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