This is the best time of year to get outside and visit some of the most popular spots in the Hudson Valley.

It's no secret that the Hudson Valley is one of the most popular places to go hiking. Whatever county you may in, you'll have several hiking trails within your reach. Some of them are an easy walk you can take the whole family on, while others are a little more difficult.

According to All Trails and Hike The Hudson Valley Breakneck Ridge along Route 9D in Cold Spring.

If you've lived in the area for a while you know that there are several stories year-round about hikers needing to be rescued from Breakneck and sadly people getting seriously injured or losing their lives.

The New York State Police are reporting that earlier this week on October 20th, two hikers needed assistance on the way down. It's being reported on the NYS Police Facebook page that the hikers "were stuck on a ledge where they couldn’t climb to safety or get to the path leading down."

The SP Aviation-Newburgh and SORT South responded to the call and "located the hikers from the air with help from their flashlight."

The SORT team was able to safely remove the hikers from the ledge at Breakneck Ridge and get them medical attention.

If you're planning on hiking the Hudson Valley at any point in the near future, make sure to do your research before hitting the trails. The All Trails website and app as well as are great resources to help you get familiar with the area you will be exploring.

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