New York State is offering free advanced testing for women who think they may have been infected with the Zika virus. Governor Andrew Cuomo said the New York State Department of Health will offer the testing to women who have traveled to countries impacted by the Zika virus.

“Protecting the health of this state and its residents is this administration’s highest priority,” said Governor Cuomo. “We’re working closely with the CDC and local health departments to address potential cases of Zika Virus, and by offering free testing we are helping to stay ahead of this disease and protect the public health. I encourage any New Yorkers who have recently traveled to impacted countries to stay informed and consult their health care professionals if they develop symptoms.”

The state has also launched a new information hotline to learn more about the virus. The phone number is 1-888-364-4723. So far there has been nine confirmed cases of the Zika virus in New York. If you think you have contracted the disease, get tested. Pregnant women are encouraged not to travel to the affected countries as there is an increased risk of birth defects associate with contracting this virus.

What is the Zika virus? Here is a video that will help to explain what it is and how it is transmitted:


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