Every year New York State (and the Department of Environmental Conservation) counts wild turkeys. Not the kind you might find on a liquor store shelf, but the kind you might find out wandering in the woods or on the side of the road.

No, you are not being punk'd. The ultimate goal isn't to see how high humans can count, but to see how the wild (native) turkey population is doing in the State of New York. Something tells me that they want the count before the Thanksgiving season begins. 

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Why does the DEC want the turkeys in New York State to be counted? 

Strutting male wild turkey displaying in the spring mating season.
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Believe it or not, the turkey count helps to see how the populations of turkeys are fairing across the state. Are there more turkeys than last year? Have the numbers grown substantially in one part of the state, but shrunk in another?

Ok, How can you help complete the New York State Wild Turkey count for the DEC?

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Believe it or not, the Department of Environmental Conservation has made it pretty easy for you to submit your information. First off, the count will be taking place across the entire state, but only in the month of August. To access the online submission form, click here. Thanks for your assistance. I wish I could come up with an appropriate turkey pun, but they seem to have been gobbled all up from my brain.

If you are out counting, you might need to do your business, here is a guide to helping you do what you need to do-do. 

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