Frozen mozzarella sticks might not actually have mozzarella cheese? What else is 2020 going to ruin for me?

If there's no mozzarella cheese in there then what the heck is in there?

I'm not a culinary expert but I thought the key ingredient of a mozzarella stick was mozzarella.

We love to snack here in New York. We also love a good appetizer and the two most popular appetizers are jalapeño poppers and mozzarella sticks. A class action lawsuit has brought some shocking news to light about the mozzarella sticks from TGI Fridays.

According to Class Actions, a false advertisement suit was filed when a consumer discovered that the appetizers do not contain real mozzarella cheese. One woman is representing the state of New York in a class action lawsuit. The plaintiff in the case says that the deep fried snacks contain cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella.

Is anyone else absolutely shook right now? How did this slide by us?

The plaintiff still thinks the product is being misrepresented on purpose despite the label saying that the cheese sticks are naturally and artificially and naturally flavored.

The plaintiff claims that both her and other consumers of the product are over paying for the cheese sticks as cheddar cheese is cheaper. The representative also claims that if consumers knew that the product didn't have real mozzarella cheese that they would have not purchased them or TGI Fridays should be charging less.

Were you fooled by these fake sticks? If so, you might be able to get in on this lawsuit.

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