Chances are you have already bake one round of your favorite holiday cookies. Unfortunately, because of COVID a lot of us have had to fore go the holiday cookie swap but that doesn't mean that you have to skip having a bunch of different holiday cookies it just means you are stuck bake them yourself.

With the holiday cookie rush in full swing I figured it was a good time to share what the most popular cookies are in each state. Fortunately for me Yummly did all the tabulations by state. You may be surprised by some of their results but that is because they went at they research from a different direction.

Typically, Yummly surveys by tracking the subscribers most search items but knowing that sugar cookies are so popular this time of year they decide to track the most unusual cookie searches to determine each states favorite holiday cookie. You can see the results for every state below. Some favorites include linzer, fruit cake cookies and even red velvet cookies made the list.

So what ended up being New York's favorite holiday cookie? A colorful holiday treat that is actually easy to make. The Rainbow Cookie top the list for New York. And I am not surprised just about every holiday tray includes them. I was under the impression that Rainbow Cookie were had to make but they really aren't they actually look pretty easy to create.

Knowing that you are going to want to try to make these a home I found a pretty easy recipe that looks like it would be fun for the kids to make with you.

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