According to new research, New Yorkers have a heavy foot. While many Hudson Valley commuters may think we have too many slowpokes on the road, the reality might be the complete opposite.

Startling New Study

A Daytona Beach car dealership (go figure) recently published data that claims that not only do New Yorkers speed, but they also do it aggressively. Many also don't know the punishments for speeding violations, and still, others reportedly want to banish highway speed limits altogether. So how fast is too fast?

mphillips via Canva
mphillips via Canva

Speeders in New York State

In a startling claim, the study alleges that the "average" New York driver contacted for their study admitted to driving over 100mph in the last month on three separate occasions. Extrapolated to cover an entire year, that would mean that your Hudson Valley neighbor may have channeled their inner Speed Racer over thirty times. But that's not all...

What Drivers Really Think

The study also claims that in the New York survey pool, almost half of the respondents didn't want their in-state traffic infractions to be communicated to other states, and more than 50% said that traffic cameras were the only thing keeping them from speeding more often. But is that really true?

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It's hard to tell how accurate this data really is because of the sample size of the car dealership's survey (again, why is a car dealership conducting a scientific study?). In total, 3,500 people were contacted across the entire country. If they were split evenly amongst states, that would mean that 70 New Yorkers were polled for the project, or 0.0035% of the entire population. Not exactly a fair sample size.

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