Sometimes you wonder what exactly are people thinking? But in some cases, they're not. This perhaps was the case when a 40-year-old New York allegedly called an office to search for something he may have misplaced while he was there. Sounds innocent enough at first. The only problem was that this lost property of his was allegedly cocaine.

ABC is reporting that the man had been at a medical facility in East Garden City when he somehow misplaced his bag full of white stuff. At some point, he realized he had lost his stash when he returned to his home in Franklin Square. That's when he allegedly picked up the phone and called the office to ask if anyone had seen the drugs he lost. ABC says that an employee at the office indeed found his coke, but instead of returning it to this goofball, they called police instead. Doh!

ABC says the man was arrested and has been charged with two counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Now, if you think this is dumb, you may recall earlier in 2021 when two men left their drugs behind in a rental vehicle. The Albany County Sheriff’s Office says that they were called by a rental car company and told that there was a stash of drugs in a car that had been returned to their business. News 10 reports that an Albany man and a Schenectady man had actually gone back to the rental car place, which was near Albany International Airport, to pick up their cargo. They didn't get far. The NY Post says that officials quickly found the two men.

Then, you had this guy, who was allegedly hiding coke in a box of Lucky Charms. In October 2020, a stop on the NY State Thruway turned into an unexpected find, as police say they discovered five pounds of cocaine stored inside two separate boxes of Lucky Charms cereal in the suspect's vehicle. Whoops. Guess they're really always after me Lucky Charms?

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