I remember how popular the mullet was. Almost every major celebrity had a party on the back of their head about 30 years ago. I'm not that old but I am old enough to have seen several trends from my childhood already make a comeback. I don't know when it happened but mullets are back.

Mullets aren't just back in a casual way. They're even being judged. Have you ever heard of the USA Mullet Championships? Not many have until recently when the winner received viral attention.

USA Mullet Championship

Of course, the winner deserves credit but at the end of the day, he is from Wisconsin. The other two front runners were from Ohio and Texas. What about New York? How was New York represented in the USA Mullet Championship?


Eli Phillips is 11 years old and has been growing his hair out for 6 of those years. During this time, Eli has been cultivating one of the most intense mullets in the nation. Eli was a finalist in this year's mullet contest. Unfortunately, he didn't bring home the gold but he battled it out.

Eli said he plans to keep the mullet and enter the contest next year. We need to give him our votes so that a kid from New York can win the title.

This kid is going places and it isn't the barbershop.


Eli's inspiration to grow a mullet came from Patrick Kane who is a right-wing for the Chicago Blackhawks.

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