A large insect that inhabits New York is giving residents quite a scare. Can you blame them? Is this thing part crab and part bug?

New York is home to some unique wildlife especially when it comes to insects. A recent post of a massive bug in a local Facebook group has been getting a lot of attention. A lot of commenters had no clue what these things were and that they could be found locally. These large bugs look like they're straight out of someone's nightmare but they're actually from the ground here in America.

They're called mole crickets.

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What is a mole cricket and are they dangerous?

Mole crickets get their name for an obvious reason. They're a close family member to crickets but they are also known for burrowing underground like moles. These crickets even have little shovels to help move through the dirt easier. They're native to most continents including the Americas.

The burrowing behavior makes these pests when it comes to lawn care. They can do some serious damage to grassy areas. Golf courses are popular places to find them and they can often be spotted at night.

They aren't dangerous and aren't known for biting but they can pinch with their foreleg claws.

This video shows just how massive mole crickets are as they crawl on an adult human hand.


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