A Rhinebeck woman's book has been optioned by actress Mindy Kaling who is planning on making it into a TV series.

The book, Who Thought This Was A Good Idea? And Other Questions You Should Have Answers to When You Work in the White House? was written by Rhinebeck native Alyssa Mastromonaco about her years at the White House under President Obama.

According to a recent article in Jezebel, Mastromonaco first met Kaling five years ago when they were introduced by President Obama. Kaling, who is currently wrapping up the final season of The Mindy Project on Hulu, has been focusing on producing new shows including a series for NBC called The Champions.

Mastromonaco's memoir focuses less on political drama and more on the juicy "backstage" drama that happens at the White House. As deputy chief of staff for operations under President Obama, Mastromonaco had a front row seat to the inner workings of the oval office. The book, however, doesn't get into heavy political stories, but more entertaining tales about the day-to-day workings of the White House.

The book's description says readers can look forward to stories about "meeting the Queen of England in jeans, tussling with President Karzai's guards, and having a bad case of IBS while visiting the Holy See at the Vatican." Sounds like it's right up Kaling's alley.

After leaving the White House, Mastromonaco worked at Vice Media before being offered the position  as President of Global Communications Strategy & Talent for A&E.

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