If you're one of the many people who have been patiently waiting for the Mid Hudson Children’s Museum on Water Street in Poughkeepsie to reopen, I’m happy to let you know the wait is over. It’s been a long time coming, but the museum is opening up as a bigger and better museum. And it’s happening this week. 

The Mid Hudson Children’s Museum will have a special Member Preview tomorrow, March 29, from 2PM - 6PM; and this Thursday,  March 31, they’re opening to the general public. There are all kinds of new exhibits and your old favorites will be there, too. One of the most exciting new exhibits is called Science Revealed, and you’ll be able to check it out in the newly renovated Science Gallery. It’s the Hudson Valley’s first interactive science center.

There will be a whole new look to the newly renovated Mid Hudson Children’s Museum. In addition to the new exhibits, they’ll also be making great use of their riverside pavilion. This is exciting news for kids and parents all over the Hudson Valley, An educational center where the kids can have fun while learning. 

The Hudson Valley is fortunate to have a museum that inspires children of all ages and sparks their curiousity and the need to satisfy it. We're talking about our future scientists, doctors, inventors, etc.  And to think, it may have all started right here. To find out more information about the new Mid Hudson Children’s Museum, their newest exhibits, and how to become a memer, visit their website.

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