Look up!!!

If you're like us and are always amazed at anything that goes on up in the sky, you might want to either stay up real late tonight, or set an alarm on your phone for around 2 a.m. tonight(Tuesday) and or tomorrow(Wednesday) to see something pretty amazing.

According to Newser, and the smart folks over at NASA, The Perseid meteor shower should peak tonight and tomorrow nights and to get a good view they say there is no need for you to break out any special equipment or anything. Simply head outside and look up in the sky and if the skies are clear enough, you should be able to view the shower in all its glory.

If been up around 2 a.m. is asking to much, NASA also said that if you head outside around 9 p.m. you should still be able to see some of the showers but the best viewing will be in the wee hours of the morning because of the moon rise.

If you do plan to try and view the meteor shower, NASA did give one big tip in getting the best view, they said that you will need to give your eyes around 30 minutes to adjust fully to darkness. Yes that means no looking at your phone before the shower starts....LOL! But after you start to see it, grab your phone and see if you can grab any good pictures of it.

If you do get any pics, text them to us through the Wolf mobile app so we can share with folks that miss it.

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