When a local shop closes it isn't just the shop that you miss it's also and the wonderful things they did for their community. Sometimes it is the little things a business does that make a big difference. I couldn't help but share this story as soon as I saw it tonight on Facebook. By now you may have heard that a well known candy store loved by many is closing it's doors, but you might not know what they did every year to help in town. Michael's Candy Corner in Kingston has announced that their closing and many candy lovers in the community will miss their sweet treats. What will also be missed is the special things they would do in the community.

I myself have never been to Michael's Candy Corner but I am sure some of you have been to their store in Kingston. The original candy store (Altamarie's Candies) opened its doors in 1917 so chances are you , your parents and even your grandparents have tried a piece of their candy. One thing is for sure if you were a kid who visited Santa in Port Ewen you have tried one of their famous Candy Canes.

I came across a Facebook post tonight from the Port Ewen Fire Department who wanted to share that Michael Briglia owner of Michael's Candy Corner helped supply Santa's candy every year that was handed out throughout Port Ewen.

their message read ......

"For those of you who may not have known the candy canes Santa handed out each year throughout Port Ewen were purchased through Michael’s Candy Corner. Owner Michael Briglia always gave the Department a generous price and for years kept prices low because he knew the children loved getting his candy canes from Santa and that it was his way of helping to support the local volunteer fire departments. On behalf of the members of the Port Ewen Volunteer Fire Department we thank you sir for your support and hope that you enjoy your retirement!!"

Sweet sentiment and I want to share this not just because it was wonderful of Michael to help the fire department at Christmas but it also looks like they may need a new candy cane maker. Reach out if you want to help, Christmas is only This many days from now - Christmas Countdown 2019


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