We put a local brewer to the test to see if he could pick out his own product from a lineup of similar beers.

Paul Halayko from Newburgh Brewing Company is a great sport. When we found out that he was hosting IPA Wars we knew we had to put him in the hot seat.

IPA Wars takes place at Newburgh Brewing Company this Friday night. Attendees will taste unlimited blind samples of 25 IPAs. They won't know what IPAs they're drinking and will have to vote for the best based only on taste.

So could Halayko pick his own MegaBoss IPA out of a lineup? We wanted to find out so we placed three IPAs in unmarked cups and put him to the test. Brendon O'Brien, the Beer and Bar Director for DeCiccio's was also on hand to help out.

If you'd like to participate in IPA Wars, or enjoy samples of all different styles of craft beer the next day at the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival in Beacon, you can get your discount tickets right now.

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